Saturday, October 29, 2011

For the rest of my life...

For the rest of my life there are two days that 
will never again trouble me.   The first day is yesterday with all its
blunders and tears, its follies and defeats.   
Yesterday has passed away beyond my control forever.
The other day is tomorrow with its pitfalls
and threats, its dangers and mystery.   
Until the sun rises again, I have no stake in tomorrow, 
for it is still unborn.   

With God's help and only one day to concentrate 
all my effort and energy on, this day, I can win!   
Only when I add the burden of those two 
frightening eternities, yesterday and tomorrow, 
am I in danger of faltering under the load.   
Never again! This is my day! This is my only day!   
Today is all there is!   Today is the rest of my life 
and I resolve to conduct myself through 
every waking hour in the following manner. . . .   

to heed the wise advice of Jesus and Confucius and Zoroaster 
and treat everyone I meet, friend or foe, stranger or family, 
as I would want them to treat me.
  to maintain a rein on my tongue and my temper, 
guarding against foolish moments of fault-finding and insults.

To greet all those I encounter with a smile instead of a frown, 
and a soft word of encouragement 
instead of disdain or even worse, silence.
  to be sympathetic and attentive to the sorrows 
and struggles of others, realizing that there are hidden 
woes in every life no matter how exalted or lowly.
  to make haste to be kind to all others, 
understanding that life is too short to be vengeful 
or malicious, too soon ended to be petty or unkind.

~Og Mandino, in The Return of the Ragpicker

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