Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FREE yoga? Yup...

If you practice yoga at home (like me), I have some great resources for you:

First off, check your "On Demand" function on your TV. My cable provider is Verizon and they have a wonderful array of yoga videos for your viewing pleasure. These are FREE! Each provider has their own menu and way of bringing up the videos, with Verizon I have to go to: "On Demand", then "Free", then "Home and Leisure", then "Exercise", and then I can view the selection of yoga videos under "Mag Rack" and "Fit TV". You can also search for the word "yoga" under your "On Demand" menu.

Also, there is a wonderful, wonderful website called Yoga Today. Each day they post a new full length yoga class on their site. You do have to pay for this service, but they do let you try it out for free. BUT... they have also posted many of their archived videos on Once you're on youtube, simply search for "Yoga Today" and you'll find a whole lot of amazing videos. If you find a teacher on Yoga Today that you think is great (I heart Sarah) you can also search for videos by their name (ie. yoga today sarah or yoga today neesha or yoga today adi).

If Kundalini yoga peaks your interest you can find some great videos on youtube as well. Just type in "kundalini yoga" and many videos will come up. I recommend the full length videos by yogayak. Just look for the lady in the white beanie cap with the brunette braids.

Happy FREE yoga to you!

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