Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where I Was and Where I am Now...

Since this blog is only a few days old, I thought I should write about where I have come from in my practice of yoga and meditation. I want to be able to look back and see how my skills, thoughts and desires have changed as I progress...

Yoga. I bought my first yoga VHS (yes, VHS) about 18 years ago. It was Ali Mac Graw - Yoga Mind and Body. I fell instantly in love. The colors (which were the inspiration for this blog), the music, the asanas, I loved it all and couldn't get enough. I practiced as much as I could for as long as I could, but as a girl in her early twenties "partying" took precedence and it soon ended up on the shelf.

Throughout the next 18 years I continued to dabble in yoga. I would break out the Ali Mac Graw tape, or my Linda Arkin tape, or my Rodney Yee Tape and happily immerse myself in the wonderful poses they led me through. Eventually the VHS's turned to DVD's and I bought myself a 8 DVD yoga box set from Gaiam. I loved it. For about four months I practiced yoga every day. I felt better than I ever had before. My body felt strong and agile. I thought I would practice forever. But, eventually I turned away from it again. I can't remember the exact reason, most likely just "life" got in the way. I got married, moved my husband in with me and we started a new business. I did start practicing again when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Cassidy. But once again life got busy.

We moved to a new home, I was a new Mom and my new daughter was born with a Congenital Heart Defect. We spent the first year of her life making many, many trips to Children's Hospital Boston for surgeries and procedures. I see now that yoga would have been very beneficial to me during that time, but I was shell-shocked and never quite found the time to practice.

Once we finally got our Cassidy healthy, I became pregnant with my second daughter, Eden. I started yoga again and this time added some Pilates into the mix. After Eden was born I switched just to Pilates in an attempt to lose my baby weight faster. I remember telling my husband yoga was my "true love", but I wanted to get the weight off faster than yoga would allow.

I exercised every day trying a variety of methods to lose the weight: The treadmill, walks outside, Jillian Michaels and assorted other exercise nazi's on my TV, hand weights- you name it, I did it. I was eating better, drinking more water, more green tea and it all paid off! Within 10-11 months I had lost the baby weight.

Never had I had such discipline in my life. I needed it. I needed a strong body to lift babies and toddlers and car seats and stroller. Mom's need to be strong. I needed the energy that exercise gave me to keep up with my two little people and not lose myself. I felt strong. Yoga called me back. I realized if I I could finally combine my love of yoga with my new found discipline, I could finally have the practice I have always wanted...


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