Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Meditiation Tips...

I am not a meditation expert by any means. I am just finding my way into my own practice. I have, however, been researching meditation a lot and compiling lots of information from many different sources. Here are my 10 favorite tips:

1. Try a mantra. Find something personal that strikes a chord for you. Keep it short and simple. Feel it.

2. Focus on each of your senses- one at a time and then slowly tune each one out- one at a time.

3. Focus on relaxing one body part or muscle group one at a time from your toes up to your head.

4. Take it easy on yourself. Remember, it's a practice- not a perfection. You'll have good sessions and moments where you just can't get into it. That's okay.

5. Don't be overly concerned about falling asleep. If you fall asleep it's probably because your body needs sleep more than meditation at the moment.

6. Have good posture. It might be hard to sit up straight at first, but your stomach and back muscles will get stronger. If your body is slumped over, your mind will wander. Mind and body are connected. Try to balance both.

7. If you're having problems concentrating, try counting your breath. Imagine your breath filling up the corners and curves of each number.

8. Do what feels right for you. Maybe it's 10 minutes once a day, 15 minutes twice a day or an hour long session. Make it your own. Don't meditate based on what others are doing.

9. Find a quiet place all your own to meditate. Surround yourself with things that make you happy.

10. In the colder months, meditate with a blanket draped over your shoulders. I have found that the warmth of the blanket helps me drift faster into a peaceful place. It's very soothing - give it a shot.

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