Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heal yourself today...

"Take a day to heal yourself, and then go heal somebody else." ~Maya Angelou

It's hard (especially as a Mom) to constantly feel like I have to be doing something. My to-do list sometimes gets overwhelming and I don't know even where to begin. Life gets too hectic sometimes.

I used to feel kind of guilty if I had a pajama day, but I'm learning to let that guilt go. It's not so much a "lazy day" but a deal to heal myself. Sometimes when I'm a little burned-out from life's daily to-do's I need a day to sit and veg and relax. Maybe I'll do some yoga and meditate for a long time. Maybe I'll wrap myself in a big blanket with my girls and watch cartoons all day. Maybe I'll take a nice hot bath and have a glass of wine.

Whatever it is that heals me on my day off, makes me much more productive when I return to the normal rush of life. It recharges me and I'm going to try to let myself off the hook from now on when I feel like I need to do nothing. Sure, the house might get messy (very messy), and the phone calls might not get made, but tomorrow is another day and everything else can wait.

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