Thursday, November 10, 2011

I walk the line...

It seems to me that when it comes to beliefs about the metaphysical...

I walk the line.

One part of me is rational and conservative. Hey- I'm a New Yorker, baby. If you want me to believe in something, you better have some proof to back it up. I'm a little skeptical, not overly so, but enough to never to be taken advantage of. I've always got my own back.
I have boat-loads of common sense and it's hard for me to understand when others don't. I think common sense is the best kind of "smarts" to have. If you have common sense, I want you around.

I'm analytical too and I have my two feet planted firmly on the ground. I can spot a scam or a phony smile a mile away. You're not pulling the wool over these eyes.

But, I walk the line.

I practice yoga and meditate everyday. I believe in something bigger than myself. I believe I have a say in the path that my life takes. I think that my thoughts can become reality. I believe in the law of attraction.

I also know that I am made up of energy and that you are made up of energy and somehow we all work together. I believe in karma and chakras and I don't believe that all the things that make up who I am will sit in a box in the ground when I die one day.

I know that there are things that I don't understand, things I can't explain and things that are much larger and greater than myself. I'm open to finding out about them and exploring new avenues of the universe.

But, I walk the line.

When I see people that wear angel wings on a daily basis, or chant loudly in the middle of the bank, or tell me that their spirit name is Sheera and that they are a dog trapped in a woman's body, I get a little uncomfortable. I'm not down with that.

When someone will only eat red food for a month to please their base chakra or spend 50 hours a week in meditation to the neglect of their job or kids, I'm sorry, I am not on board with that.

But, I walk the line.

I believe in balance and I do my best to balance both words. If I'm deep in mediation and one of my kids needs a snack... meditation time is over. If we're on a budget and I see a yoga retreat for $10,000 that I would love to go to, I'm not going.

For me, balancing between my two worlds works. If you find a different path works for you, namaste, my friend. I can respect that. But as for me, I walk the line.

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