Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reflections on Today's Yoga...

As I moved into seated forward bend this morning, I couldn't help but notice just how amazing it felt. I feel like I have new legs. My hamstrings have always been super-tight and there was a point where I thought I would never be able to reach my toes.

But, over time I've gotten much more flexible and I can just wrap my hands around the middle of my feet now. Not impressive for most perhaps, but I've come a long way, baby!

It made me think about the early days of my yoga practice. You always hear how great yoga feels. You see these crazy, contorted poses and think to yourself, "Ow! That doesn't look relaxing!"- and you're right. If you tried an advanced pose as a beginner, it probably would do nothing more than hurt or perhaps even injure you.

When you first move into seated forward bend- as a beginner- it doesn't feel good (or at least it didn't for me). I felt stiff and awkward and like I was moving things that didn't want to be moved. How can this be relaxing I thought?

Over time, your body adjusts to the resistance. Everything that's tight begins to loosen. Everything that's awkward becomes fluid. Your body "settles in" and accepts the change.

Hmmmn... this all sounds strangely familiar. In my life, and maybe in yours too, change is something that is met with resistance. I get set in my ways and my schedule and I don't like when something new gets thrown into the mix, especially when I have it all planned out for that day. But sometimes, it's time for a change. Sometimes it's the right time to let go of something stagnant, something that no longer serves you.

Maybe it's time for a new approach? It might be painful at first. It might be difficult, challenging or even scary. It might even make you fall flat on your butt. That's okay. Keep going. Push through it. It's the toughest of us who persevere. When you feel stuck in a rut or even stuck in your own life, keep going. Try something new and get good at it.

Who knows? If you just work through it and loosen up, you might just begin to feel the joy you've been waiting for.