Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gramps and His Life Journey...

I went to a wake last night. I thought the Priest was wonderful. He had a very laid-back style about him and a genuine warmth. He spoke about how each one of us is on our "Life Journey". About how we will all trip and fall from time to time, but we just need to do the best we can.

I really like this phrase, "Life Journey". If he had just said "journey" it would have implied that the journey would come to an end when your life came to an end. Adding the work "Life" implies to me that you are completing a journey when you're alive, but there will be other journeys after you pass. I like that. I believe that.

My children's Great Grandfather had a great life. He was forever giving of himself. He was handsome, a gentleman with a loud booming voice. He could fix anything and was deeply loved by so many. But he was finished. He felt that his "Life Journey" was over and he basically left on his terms at 89 years of age. Journey complete. While I didn't get to know him for very long, or very well, it wasn't hard to appreciate that he was a very special man.

I started looking around the room last night for a sign that my husband's Grandfather was there. I was looking for a flower to move, or a curtain, or a shining light in a corner. Then I remembered reading that our souls are said to be big and expansive. If this is true, then Gramps, with his loud, friendly, masculine energy undoubtedly took up the whole room. We were part of his energy and he was part of ours, just like he was a part of our lives, and we were a part of his.

Gramps might have completed his "Life Journey" but we are all still connected. Even though he is not physically here, he is all around us. He is part of us and he is in our hearts, always.

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