Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lacey Calvert Interview...

Perhaps you have taken one of her yoga classes or maybe you were drawn in by her infectious smile on the Advil commercials. Either way- if you're a part of the yoga community, by now you have probably heard of Lacey Calvert. If you haven't... you are about to.

Lacey Calvert is the owner and operator of California Yoga Sport, a company that integrates yoga into the lives of athletes. Trained by CorePower Yoga in Yoga Sculpt, Power Yoga, Ryde, and Hot Power Fusion, Lacey now trains future yogis, leads bootcamps and teaches private TRX classes in her community.  Using all of her experience, Lacey has built her company upon customization of yoga sessions for each athletic sport.  Being an avid snowboarder, surfer and runner, her sessions target muscles athletes use while making each class fun, upbeat and full of laughs.  Based in San Francisco, CA, Lacey is someone who truly loves the outdoors, staying active and traveling the world.  

Her Advil commercials and print ads are an inspiration to all yoga-lovers, but I would like to claim Lacey as one of "the girls". In this day of fake boobs, fake tans, and silly-pursed-lipped-poses for the camera, Lacey Calvert is a refreshing display of a strong, genuine, healthy, athletic woman who is using her body as an instrument and not just an ornament. I'm glad to have women like Lacey around to show my two girls a positive example of what a woman can accomplish in the world when she is true to herself and her passion. She inspires me to follow my own heart and I hope she inspires you too.

Lacey was kind enough to grant me an interview. Here's what she had to say:

How did you find yoga and how long have you been practicing and teaching?  
At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with heart disease.  The doctor ordered me to find ways to control my heart rate and breathing, yet being an athlete my whole life, staying still was extremely difficult.  I tried all sorts of meditation, massage and yoga but it wasn't until I was 19 that I fell in love with yoga.  I started doing Power Yoga at CorePower Yoga, and knew it was the right fit.  I noticed my breathing becoming slower and my overall attitude and demeanor changing.  It made me find myself while still challenging my inner athlete.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their yoga practice? 
There are so many types of yoga out in the world these days, so make sure to find the one that fits you.  Try to attend classes without judgement and do what feels good.  I always tell my new students that you can't do yoga wrong.  Just open your heart and let your body awareness grow and guide you.
What advice would you give to someone looking to be a yoga instructor?  
 If you have ever even thought about doing a training, do it.  I am a big believer of intuition and instinct, so you will know if its the right time in your life to do the training.  Enter training with an open intention.  Most of the time what you go into the training for is not what you get out of it.  Its truly a life changing experience and I am so lucky to be able to lead and watch people grow throughout this process.

I've heard that "luck" had a lot to do with you being an Advil spokesperson and appearing in their commercial and print ads. Can you explain how it came about? 
 I do feel pretty "lucky", or shall I say blessed in life right now.  I moved to San Francisco after something drew me back to the bay area in the middle of the night.  In that same day that I decided to move, I had a job, a place to live, and felt content on the decision.  About a week into moving, I walked out of the local grocery store in the Marina District and a lady approached me and asked if I would answer some questions.  I told her about what I did for a living and she asked me if I ever took pain relievers in my job.  I must have answered the right way, since a week later a production company called me and wanted to shoot an international commercial about my real life.  No acting, just me in the studio that I work at in the Bay Area.  That commercial turned into some great sponsorships and more commercials and print ads. 

I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and that we can bring the right opportunities to us with the right mindset. Do you feel like your "luck" with Advil was more than just "luck"?  

I look at it as not so much luck, but maybe I am doing something right in my life today.  The universe is truly listening to my goals and dreams and I know my hard work and dedication is allowing these amazing things to happen.  My parents raised me to always look at the positive.  I embrace each day with a smile and a challenge that will overall make me a better person.  I am proud to say that I have never had a "bad day" or a failure in my life.  I take each day as a day of growth and happiness, which sets you up for success.  So yes, I do think that this perspective on life has brought some great things into my life and hope to continue this until I am 106!

Where would you like yoga and your newfound celebrity from the Advil commercials to take you? What is the "dream" for Lacey Calvert?  
 I really don't feel like a celebrity, but am thankful for everything that this opportunity has given me.  My clientele is growing and I am able to do things that I would never thought that I could.  In the next few months I am traveling to teach yoga in various snow resorts, then hooking up with Oakley Women's at their Progression Sessions in Mammoth, CA and Loon, NH.  I am teaching yoga to women snowboard campers in the morning, then they will learn to increase their snowboard skills from professional women snowboarders.  It is a dream for me to be involved and I am really looking forward to doing this, and similar things in the future.  I am also working towards building a studio in San Francisco, that will highlight yoga triggered for athletic people.  But right now, in the present, my dream is to stay this happy.  To enjoy each day and make sure that what I am doing will benefit myself and others around me.  To me, that’s the idea of success.

To learn more about Lacey Calvert, please visit www.californiayogasport.com.


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