Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meditation and "the Cough"...

I haven't meditated in 4 days. I can't! I have a cough. Not just any cough but one of those dry, annoying, unproductive coughs. I can't quite reach that "tickle" in my chest and I cough so hard trying that I choke. It's sexy. Very sexy.

It's the kind of cough that sends other people running for the hills for fear of catching whatever it is that "she" has and keeps me up (and my poor family) all night long, despite my best attempts at self-care and self-medication.

I've tried yoga, honey and lemon, green tea, rooibos tea, multi-symptom cold medicine, using my neti pot, cough drops, Advil PM (which made me feel like I had a hangover this morning, thank you very much), Vicks vapor rub,  hot baths and even feeling sorry for myself- none of which have worked so far- but I can't get through a meditation session. Every time I have attempted it, I cough and cough and cough. Every time I cough, I get annoyed. Once I'm annoyed and coughing I can't seem to get myself back to a calm place.

This is a case of mind over matter and clearly I have a long way to go in my quest for a strong mind. I know that I should change my response to the cough. I should not let it spiral me into a place of self-pity. I am choosing to think about how much I hate this blasted cough, rather than using it as a reminder to get myself to a calm, meditative state. Quit being such a baby, Traci!

I'll be over here trying to get my act together. In the meanwhile, I bring you a video on how to make your own natural cough syrup.


  1. I feel the same way. I want to do yoga but I can not go to the class. I will just bother the other students. My ear hurts, so I put hydrogen peroxide in it for two days. It is feeling better. We both will feel better soon. We just need to remember "what is, is" now move on. Happy Day!

  2. You too Teresa? I've never tried the hydrogen peroxide trick. Glad it's working for you. Thankfully my ears don't hurt, but I'll have to remember it for the future. Hope you're feeling better really soon!