Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Adorable NEW Children's Book...

I was recently contacted by a children's book author, Yvette Fain, for an opportunity to review her book, Every Night.

You can see the book in it's entirety by clicking here: Every Night or by visiting Yvette's website: www.yvettefain.com.

Yvette is the author and illustrator for Every Night and it's simply breathtaking. The dreamy pictures and the message of connectivity is just... well... adorable. I can't imagine any kid that wouldn't like looking through this book. It is written in the first person to help guide a child through focused intention and global consciousness each night before bed.

Here's what Yvette has to say about Every Night:

"Practicing Yoga Nidra along with studying the research at the Global Consciousness Project inspired me to write this book.
My goal with the book is to bring a sense of comfort to each child that reads this book and on a subconscious level provides a sense of awareness and wholeness that carries on into the next morning. I have purposefully left out any parental figure, possessions and lifestyle suggestions in the book. I have found that the most bedtime stories have some aspect of family, home, physical well being or religious affiliation. While these common themes can be comforting for some, others may find them as reminders of lack, misfortune or emotional stress. To create a bedtime story that gives calm and comfort to a child in need is my goal."

Please check out the book and visit Yvette at:
Website: www.yvettefain.com
You can purchase Every Night on Amazon, by clicking below:

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