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Advice from Life Coach, Carey Prendergast...

The following article was written by entrepreneur and life coach, Carey Prendergast.

Carey is based in Florida and has been a personal friend of mine for many years. There's no one else I know with such a deep understanding of the Law of Attraction. He leads a balanced, fulfilling life and loves to help others do the same. 

If you are experiencing resistance in your life, than I know that you'll find today's article very helpful.

Breathing Out the Resistance

Yoga is a powerful tool in the journey of life but what exactly is going on when we practice yoga? I like to view it from a spiritual perspective instead of a physical perspective as the shaping of your mind is far more vital than the shaping of your body. From a spiritual perspective yoga offers the practitioner the ability to align with the energy of that which you desire or the energy of the higher self.

Before I go any further, let’s take a minute and look at the definition of resistance as defined by Webster’s Dictionary. Sometimes the meaning of the word offers more resonance that the word itself.

Resistance: The refusal to accept or comply with something.The attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

A little clearer ? Now ask yourself, what inside of me am I refusing to accept? The answer may not come right away but just by asking the question the answer is already there for you and the yoga will be more beneficial in releasing the resistance surrounding the answer to that very question. That may not make sense to you now but let me shed a little light on what it is I mean by that statement by diving a little bit into our dual perspectives and our emotions.

We are beings with the unique perspective of duality. In other words, we have two perspectives. We have our physical perspective and we also have our spiritual perspective or the Source/God within. It does not matter what word you reference it by, there is no right or wrong it’s more about what resonates with you. It’s important to know this because this will provide you with direction and understanding to maximize the experience of your yoga or meditation.

As we go through life in the physical we sort through the contrast of life. In other words, when we see something we don’t like we immediately know what it is that we do like. So, if you don’t have money the contrast causes you to want money and the Source (non-physical part of you) answers that and becomes a “vibrational” match to it. What is the vibrational match? The answer to that comes from you by imagining what emotion you would feel when that money is physically in your hand or bank account. Perhaps it’s joy or maybe it’s empowerment or it just might be security. What is it that your feeling that caused you to ask for more money? Perhaps it’s frustration, powerlessness or guilt and worry. This process happens all the time whether you are aware of it or not. 

The key to all of this is to realize that when life causes you to ask for something you have to get into alignment with the vibration of what you are asking for in order to have it manifest. The money will never show up if you stay in the vibration of the “asking” (powerlessness, depression, frustration). The money shows up when you feel the vibration or emotion of the “manifestation” (Joy, love, security, well being). And if life causes you to ask for something and you don’t go in the direction of what you asked for you will experience negative emotion. It’s the mind’s way of guiding you through your emotions in order for you to get in alignment with what life has caused you to ask for. So where does yoga fit into all of this?

Yoga is a tool in which we can utilize to “Breath Out the Resistance” and get into emotional alignment with the things we desire. I would just like to point out that without the awareness of what it is your doing the yoga experience becomes more exercise than a path towards enlightenment, if that happens to be your goal. 

Ok, so starting today, acknowledge where you are emotionally and set a goal or intention of where it is you want to be. This simple step will provide you with the direction you need in order to get the results you desire from your yoga or meditation practice. By simply breathing in deeply, pausing and then releasing the breath slowly you are releasing the resistance that has built up inside of you and hence a better feeling emotion arises and you are then one step closer to the very thing you desire. It’s an emotional journey and much like climbing a ladder, you take it one step at a time. So get out there and practice yoga, set your goal and have confidence that you’re headed in the right direction. Remember, life is a journey, not a destination.

Peace & Love,
Carey Prendergast

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