Monday, January 30, 2012

Feeling Blue...

What is it about the color blue that fascinates me? I've had a strange obsession with the color for as far back as I can remember. I think I experience it almost like an additional sense. It elicits a response in me that I can't quite put my finger on. I was even excited to pick out the pictures for this blog post!

I used to collect blue glass pieces that I displayed on shelves in my bedroom, but a decade passed making their shapes feel outdated and stagnant. I got rid of them. Now I just admire the color when I see it. I don't wear it very much- it's not blue clothing that draws in as much as objects, art and nature.

I am fond of all shades of blue: periwinkle, blue-grey, baby blue, but the color that has the biggest pull for me is cobalt blue. There's something about cobalt that I find mesmerizing. Whether you want to call it cobalt or royal blue, electric blue, midnight blue- whatever name you like, that's the color that draws me in.

When I look at a good painting with that bright blue hue, it sucks me right in. I am no longer just seeing the painting, I am feeling it. I am becoming a part of the painting. When I hold up a piece of blue glass to the light and peek through the bottom, I feel like I am gazing into a blue swirling universe of ocean and sky. It's ethereal.

In meditation there is a state called "the blue pearl". It is believed after many years of meditation, one can get to a state where a blue dot of light will appear to them. Having never experienced this myself, I can only pass on what others have seen. It has been described as a bright, shining, seed of light, almost like a laser point, that glows intensely. It is supposed to signify enlightenment.

In her book Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert writes about the blue pearl. Here is excerpt:

"I found an article in The New York Times recently about a team of neurologists who had wired up a volunteer Tibetan monk for experiment brain-scanning. They wanted to see what happens to a transcendent mind, scientifically speaking, during moments of enlightenment. In the mind of a normal thinking person, electrical storm of thoughts and impulses whirls constantly, registering on a brain scan as yellow and red flashes. The more angry or impassioned the subject becomes, the hotter and deeper those red flashes burn."

"But mystics across time and cultures have all described a stilling of the brain during mediation, and this is called the "the blue pearl", and it is the goal of every seeker to quiet his mind so completely that no red or yellow flashes could be seen. In fact, all the neurological energy of this gentleman pooled and cooled at last into the center of his brain - you could see it happening right there on the monitor - into a small, cool blue pearl of light, just like the Yogis have always described." 

I find that fascinating!  I would love to be able to get my meditation practice to that state. It sounds incredibly peaceful to find that light inside oneself. If I ever see anything other-wordly during my meditation, you will be the first to know about it. Until then- until I see it with my own eyes (or rather, my third eye), I guess I'll just have to keep feeling blue.

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  1. Just keep practicing practicing and practicing your blue pearl comes with a regular motivating practice.

    make it fun not trying to attain anything and it will be more of an experience