Thursday, February 16, 2012

Follow Your Heart...

Sometimes in life, we have to make some difficult decisions. Follow your heart.

There will be times in life when the decisions you make are not popular with others. Stay true to your course. At the end of the day, it's yourself that you need to respect. If you feel that you are taking necessary steps to better yourself, then don't waiver.

It's tough to go against the grain. It makes people angry when you don't conform to their picture of what they think is right. It's even tougher to lose yourself by following their path instead of your own.

It's not selfish to want good things for yourself. It's not selfish to be true to who you are. It's not selfish to follow the path that you know in your heart is right.

Be honest. Be open. Try to be gentle with others. You might falter, but keep trying. Don't let the anger or wishes of another person steer you in a direction that has no benefit to you.

They might not understand your decisions. They don't have to. Only you know your intentions. Only you know your heart. Stay true to it.

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