Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meditation Challenge Reflections...

So, last night I did the first meditation from the Deepak Center's 21 day meditation challenge. While meditation has been a part of my life for awhile now, my new, busier schedule has made it hard to squeak it in for the past week weeks. I'm using the challenge as a tool to rededicate my practice.

Deepak Chopra has a soothing voice, so it wasn't hard to find myself in a relaxing place. Music is not usually a part of my practice, so that was a bit distracting for me in the beginning (did anyone else have 4th grade planetarium field-trip flashbacks with the music)!?!?

I also had problems understand the mantra. At first I thought he was saying "Soul Hum". But later on realized it was "So Hum." Not that it matters, really. Focusing the brain is what it's all about. Once I got past that, I found it very easy to get into.

All in all, it was very good. I think I nodded off a little at the end, so maybe tonight I'll move it a little further from my bedtime.

Are you doing the challenge? I would love to hear about your progress! Drop us a comment and let us know how you did!

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  1. off to do my second night.. first time all day i've had to get to it. I loved it last night.. I found my mind wandering often, but always got right back to it and wasn't too critical of myself. All in all I felt good, peaceful and yes ready for bed by the end. Deepak has the most amazing voice!!!! I'm just sayin' ;)