Saturday, February 4, 2012

Open Your Heart...

Open Your Heart as Often as you Need

Opening our hearts is not something we do once or twice. 
It is a way of life.

How quickly life does things that make us 
want to close off, wall off, shut down, go away.

But our commitment to staying open 
has little to do with what life does to us. 
It has to do with how we decide we want to live. 
Open. Loving. Safe. 

We're safe because we know our ability and our 
willingness to love comes from within us. 

It is the ultimate form of learning to embrace our power. 

A long time ago when you were young, 
you may have told yourself it was risky 
to love, to trust, to feel. 

You told yourself that everyone you trusted 
would in the end betray your trust. 

Your belief has many times been proven true. 

But it's time now to believe something else. 

It's time to believe that the opposite is true. 
It's risky to not love, not trust, not feel. 

Your security doesn't come from trusting others. 
Your security comes from trusting and 
cherishing your own heart. 

Don't let life shut you down. 

Open your heart as often as you need.

~Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart

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