Tuesday, March 6, 2012

19 to 39... Same Girl...

One of the nicest parts of Facebook for me has been reconnecting with old friends from elementary school. Sandy, Cindy, Carianne, Nikki, Diane, Elycia, etc...these are all girls with whom I walked the halls with, played kick ball with and did bo-bo-skee-watton-totten with (don't ask). We ran, laughed and played together and wrote sweet messages to each other in our little blue zippered autograph books at the end of fifth grade.

These are still some of the greatest girls I know. Their lives have shifted and changed since then. Some have moved far away, some have not. Some have struggled and overcome, some are parents and some are fellow yogis. But all of them still have good hearts.

The same things that drew me to these girls way back when, are the same qualities I still see in them today. They are brave, fun, they like to laugh, they like to dream and they are all still sweet.

So how much do we change as we grow- and how much do we stay the same?

There are some studies that say that our personalities are pretty well-formed by the ripe old age of six. I think I might believe it.

For me, I feel like I've always been the same girl. I think there was a period of time when I got off my course a bit, but at my core- I'm the same pig-tailed, smiley-faced, silly little girl that I always was.

About a week ago, I posted this:

But here is the original:

I bought this beautiful poem for myself when I was 19 years old. Back then, I believed that everything I needed to know about life was included in those words. At 39 years old, I still believe the same thing- and it still hangs in my house.

So maybe we really don't change too much... and maybe we shouldn't. Viewing the world in the same giggly, innocent-minded, sweet-faced kind of way is probably a good thing. We might stray a little from that person, but we are still there on the inside waiting to come out and play.

Meet you on the playground, girls. It's a bo-bo-skee-watton-totten kind of day.


  1. I'll be the one hanging upside down from the bars!!

  2. what a wonderful post! It brings back some wonderful memories!

  3. Beautiful poem, really inspiring. Definitely something positive to hang upon your wall! x