Thursday, March 29, 2012


When I was a little girl, my family used to rent a cottage in Greenport, NY in the summers. There were a few cottages on the property and I think we tried them all. Each was eclectic and charming with a thick, musty smell from the ocean air.

During our stay we would frolic on the beach, ride our bikes to the Five and Dime for Gobstoppers and other sweet treats, and make our way across jagged grey rocks to fish for Snapper off the end of the jetty. At night, we would toast marshmallows, eat watermelon and cook our fish over open flame enjoying each other and laughing at our very own family jokes.

It was simple. It was perfect.

Simplicity isn't something that holds much value in this day and age. Our cars are getting more expensive, our houses bigger, our credit card bills larger still. Where is the simplicity of it all?

I never want to forget that time and the lessons I learned from it. We didn't need luxurious accommodations, or fancy meals. We laughed together because we were there together, living on top of one another in a small little cottage. No one had their noses buried in a cell phone or a laptop. We talked, giggled, connected. It was the simple pleasures of life that made it still so fresh in my brain thirty-some-odd-years later and I'll never forget it.

Simplicity is really just about being present and enjoying life's simple pleasures: a baby's sweet smile, a beautiful flower, a delicious juicy peach, holding hands with someone you love, sharing a cold beer on a hot summers day...

May today your life be filled with simplicity and may you be present enough to see it. Namaste.

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