Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Physical Fitness Is VITAL for Ascension

(taken from the FB page of Kundalini Awakening & DNA Activation)

On the spiritual path, one of the most common mistakes people make is neglecting their physical body. It is easy to see how this could happen as many spiritual philosophies over-emphasize that aspect of our identity which is transcendent of the physical.

 It is true that our core identity is Eternal Spirit/Consciousness. As such, we are all inherently perfect, whole and complete. However, we are also our physical bodies. And it is vital that we take care of our bodies. If your physical body cannot hold the frequencies of your Higher Self then you cannot fully activate your DNA and ascend.

If you are overweight like I was then you are limited in how much higher frequency energy you can bring into your lower chakras. The same blockages causing you to be overweight, will block you from fully grounding the ascension frequencies into your physical body. It is crucial we clear these ASAP.

 If you desire to ascend, I would strongly recommend making your physical fitness a strong priority in your life. Does this mean everyone who is in shape will automatically ascend? Absolutely not. Most physically fit people are disconnected from the upper chakras, and have a ton of energy blockages as well. They just don't happen to have the specific imprints related to being overweight or the imprints are dormant.

 Ascension aside, imagine how much better your life would be if you had more energy, vitality, and confidence that come from a lean, fit body. Making your health and fitness a priority does NOT require that you buy into the lie that your self-worth is based on your appearance. The media sells the masses this lie every day, especially to women. The truth is you have intrinsic value. Like all human beings, your a unique expression of the divine One. Your true nature is transcendent love, peace, beauty, joy and happiness. With that understanding, think about how AWESOME it would be to EMBODY your true nature.

A healthy, strong, fit body is necessary for complete embodiment of our Higher Selves. Such a body, allows you to radiate your inner value into the physical realm. Not only is this incredibly attractive, but will raise the vibration of those around you. Ascension is happening NOW. This is the year. Incredibly high frequencies are streaming into the planet, and we now have the opportunity to bring them into our bodies. Ascension is not about choosing our Eternal Self over our Mortal Self, it is about MERGING the two.

This Tuesday, April 24 at 9pm EST, I will be doing a webinar on weight loss. We will clear all the energy blockages that cause people to be overweight. I dropped 33 lbs in 3.5 months when I cleared these on myself.

If you didn't see the before/after pic in the last email, here it is again: http://stairwaytonow.com/before-after-pic.png 

You'll also learn how to reprogram your brain's neuro-associations so that you associate eating healthy and exercising with pleasure rather than pain. This is a webinar you do not want to miss.

To register, go here: http://www.stairwaytonow.com/onlinestore.php Click the Online Store tab and select Services -> Downloads/Webinars -> The Truth About Weight Loss. I will email all registrants the webinar access link in the afternoon of April 24. The webinar will be recorded so if you purchase it but cannot attend live on Tuesday, you can still watch the recording later and get the same effect.

Steve Fulop


  1. yoga was originally all about meditation and slowly we had a harder and harder time sitting still and remaining comfortable for an extended period of time.

    that is why the physical practice of yoga or asana was developed so we could work out the bad and stagnant energy from our body

    keep practicing and developing the letting go muscle to do more and more meditation

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